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Welcome to the BC One Call E-Ticket locate request service!

Before getting started, please read the following important information:

   A minimum of (3) three full working days notice - excluding Saturday,           Sunday and Holidays is required

   If your locate request is an Emergency, you must contact a BC One           Call Customer Service Representative at Toll Free 1 800 474-6886           or 604 257-1900 Local or *6886 on Telus or Rogers Mobility.

  If you do not receive a confirmation within 24 hours of submitting your           request, there may be a problem in processing your request. Please           contact BC One Call at Toll Free 1 800 474-6886 or 604 257-1900 or           *6886 on Telus or Rogers Mobility.

   BC One Call provides a 24/7 service 365 days a year. Locate requests           can be submitted by telephone - fax or E-Ticket.

   Not all utility owners are members of BC One Call. You must contact any           other parties who may have underground facilities in the area.



For technical questions about this web site, send mail to: info@bconecall.bc.ca